Dear Customer:

As the CEO of Lady Burd® Exclusive Private Label Cosmetics, I would like to share with you my excitement regarding our incredible company and its unique products.

For over 55 years, Lady Burd® has been creating beautiful, highly profitable cosmetics for companies around the world. A private label manufacturer based on Long Island, New York, with showrooms across the U.S., Lady Burd® is committed to excellence. The partnerships we form with our vast array of unique clients are very important to us. Our goal is to forge a bond that benefits both parties.

Our Long Island headquarters provides the ultimate in total diversity. Beginning with our on-site high-tech laboratory, through manufacturing, warehousing and shipping facilities, we can successfully create unique products for every market. Lady Burd® manufactures the finest quality products available in the cosmetic marketplace today.

As a private label manufacturer, we have the ability to help you create your own image. Our staff will work with you in selecting color, choosing formulas and finding the right packaging. We can help you successfully market our cosmetics in many different ways.


Research and Development has always been a vital part of our business. Lady Burd’s state of the art laboratory uses the most up to date technology to customize any formula or shade to fit your needs. Our chemists work closely with each client to obtain the desired results. You have the option of choosing from our vast library filled with thousands of colors and in-house formulations or we can create a formula specifically for you. Our wide array of products includes color cosmetics, body and skincare treatments. Our formulations utilize the finest ingredients and latest scientific advancements. We offer a wide array of in-stock components that you may choose from. Lady Burd® also has the capability to fill your own components or outsource additional components if your needs go beyond our existing inventory. We also provide the service of contract filling. Whether the order is small or large­­­, our goal is on-time delivery of a first class product.


Design an ultimate product line that is completely you. Having the vision to create your own line is where it starts. Whether it is one item or an entire line, you can individualize each product by professionally silk screening or hot stamping your brand name and logo onto the package. This will give you the look you want and add value to your retail price. You will increase your profits by customizing a line for yourself because building a brand also creates repeat business through customer loyalty. Also, shade namescan be changed to increase exclusivity. All labels are produced in-house. Shrink-wrapping is also available to prevent tampering of your products.


Our non-branded line of quality products and skincare are sold without any company name or logo on them. Where appropriate, only the proper product name, ingredients, color name, and net weight, will be found on the product.

All products manufactured by Lady Burd® are done so in accordance with Good Manufacturing Procedure (GMP). We follow the recommendations of the FDA and our facilities are set up in accordance with PCPC Quality Assurance Guidelines. All formulas are in compliance with global requirements. All of our products are not tested on animals, and we are a listed manufacturer on the PETA safe list.

Lady Burd’s prices are very competitive in today’s global marketplace. We are confident that our quality and service cannot be surpassed. As your supplier, we can help you produce the best products possible. Our aim is to secure the successful launch of your products and support your company everyday.

Our dedication is reflected in our products and our reputation for excellence. Please take a moment to review our catalogue. I believe you will walk away with a much clearer picture of all that Lady Burd® has to offer you. For your convenience, you can also visit our website at


Roberta Burd
Roberta Burd

Roberta Burd